Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Letters

Phew... this week seemed to drag on and on. This was partly due to the fact that Brandon had to work 60 hours this week and had meetings every night too. Also, Kendra had something that upset her tummy and poor baby woke up sick in the middle of the night. She had no fever and seemed fine otherwise, but she didn't want momma out of her sight. So, I slept on the floor next to her crib. I think I got maybe three hours of sleep and they weren't consecutive. :( I did learn a fun fact, though. She can crawl out of her crib now. Oh no! I am sensing many more sleepless nights to come!

Dear Kendra,

I am so happy that whatever made you sick only seemed to affect your for a few hours. You were back to your spunky, sassy self the next morning. I am so thankful I was there to hold and comfort you. It really brings about a new appreciation for all the times my mom comforted me as a child.

Daddy and I know we have our hands full with you! You are all girl through and through. You have a love for shoes, clothes and purses. I caught you just yesterday rifling through my purse and whispering to yourself. I was trying to hear what you were saying and then you said it clear as day; "where did all the money go?" Oh my word, Lord help me now. You aren't even two yet!

Dear Chronic tiredness,
I am really starting to wonder about you. I guess it could be because I have been staying up way too late reading the Hunger Games trilogy and then getting woken up early by the kids!  However, my body just aches.... I guess it is time to scale it back a bit and not get too overloaded!

Dear weekend,
As long as I can get caught up on sleep and the weather cooperates, we have big plans!! One of my closest friends from middle school is coming to town to visit! She is bringing her almost ten month old who I have only seen once! I am so excited to have time to catch up and let the kids play together.

Dear Starbucks,
You just had to bring back your coconut flavoring, didn't you? It is a weakness of mine and I can already see the money leaving my wallet before it's there. Wait, maybe that was Kendra?!



  1. How adorable! My daughter loves to play in my purse, too. It's amazing all the phrases they pick up without us even realizing it! :) I love the Friday Letters idea, too! :)

  2. Those pajamas are adorbs! Holy crap is she cute :)

  3. Oh how cute is your daughter and what she said about the money all gone in your purse lol
    Hope she's feeling heaps better today and you get to catch up on some sleep :)
    Enjoy your catch-up with your friend too!!

  4. oh that little girl of yours is adorable!

  5. You and I have a common coconut flavor weakness! Their blended cremes.. sooo good!! Or with chocolate.. ohh man..

  6. Omygosh, Starbucks has coconut flavoring?! That is my favorite. Thanks for the tip :) I was cracking up that Kendra said "where is all the money?" Oh boy, you've got yourself a sweet little diva! I always look @ your photos on Instagram and think to myself, wow...they are beautiful kids! :)
    I hope Brandon gets some down time after his 60 hrs! Wow!
    Wishing you a happy Sunday, Ashley!

  7. I am like that with the Peppermint Mocha flavor! YUM!! Your little girl is SO precious!!