Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting Organized- My spice cupboard

I figured it was time for another post updating some of the organizing I have been doing.

I have very limited cupboard space in my kitchen and one of the largest cupboards I have is a bit awkward because it consists of a big lazy susan. It doesn't just hold my ,it holds a lot of boxed things and baking goods too. I feel like no matter how many times I organize it it just gets chaotic again. Here's hoping that this time it actually sticks. I also reorganized my very small pantry (which is actually just two large side by side cupboards) but failed to take before photos. :(

As you can see it wasn't pretty! It is also so hard for me to get into because I am vertically challenged so I have to drag over a chair and teeter precariously on the counter.

Well, it looks as good as it is going to get! I tried to somewhat arrange it by like items and I went through the spices and seasonings and combined some of the duplicates and tossed out the expired items. I also picked a few containers from the dollar store to hold all my taco, chili and gravy packets.


  1. way to go!! it looks great! I need to reorganize mine too! Somehow the "savory/salty" seasonings have migrated down to the convenient "sweet" shelf. which makes for cupboard chaos.

  2. I love how you said you were vertically challenged lol
    Good job reorganising, I have recently done my kitchen cupboards too and they have managed to stay tidy which is surprising!
    Have a great weekend Ashley xo

  3. Everything looks so neat. And pretty, Ashley! Awesome job!

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  5. you took a picture so now you have proof that it was once organized!