Monday, May 14, 2012

Menu Planning.....

A few weeks ago I told you that I was trying to be better about the execution part of my meal planning. Well, I did manage to do a bit better just not as good as I was hoping. :(

I did, however, go out and get this handy dandy planner and I am loving it!

It is actually two separate magnetic planners I purchased from Target.

The top is a day by day breakdown of each person's schedule. It is nice because I can keep up on Brandon's shift changes and Brandon will stop asking me a million times what we have planned for the weekend.

This is a great meal planner for me, because as things arise or my mood changes I can switch around what we are having each day. Sometimes I am just not feeling it, you know?!

I have decided that I need to attempt to start planning our lunches because we are seriously lacking variety around here when it comes to our lunches. The kids would be content to have a sandwich everyday! I am not.

Here is what is on the menu this week:


Lunch: leftover pasta salad with sliced turkey pepperoni
Dinner: hot dog crescent rolls with cheese and potato salad


Lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich with sliced fruit
Dinner: @ Mom's


Lunch: Mac & Cheese with grapes and peas and carrots
Dinner: Rosemary Dijon breaded porkchops with a green salad


Lunch: Scrambled eggs and toast
Dinner: Meatloaf,potatoes and green beans


Lunch: Mini pizzas
Dinner: Tuna melts and a veggie?


Lunch: grilled ham and cheese
Dinner: Hamburgers and fries


Lunch: I don't know! 
Dinner: BBQ

I would love some easy go to lunch suggestions.     



  1. This is a good start... good luck with the rest of the execution. We are actually starting to move some stuff out of my house into the "marital home". I am excited but at the same time I am still living where I am for another 3 months... it will be fun.

  2. Good job! =) I wish I could be more planned out when it comes to daily life. I know I feel SO much better and productive when I have some form of plan in place. =) Thanks for your kind words on my blog. =)

  3. FINALLY, I was like, why don't I ever see Ashley's updates?? Cause I never pushed follow! Jeez!

    I am the WORST at meal planning. I have tried, and I had some success with pinning meals, but life and schedules get too hectic and I just can't stick to it. I like your idea of erasable calendars though, to move things around.

  4. Lunch is always hard for me...we try to do leftovers but lots of times we don't have any. I am loving those magnetic planners!

  5. You are one organized woman, Ashley!
    It sounds like you, the Mr, Kendra and Jaxson have a lot of great meals to look forward to. I save some of your posts to my favorites bc you always have such awesome tips. Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you're having a good day!

  6. I like this for ideas for some new dinners at my house!

  7. Menu planning seriously saves my life, my check book, and my sanity!

  8. That magnetic calendar is cool! I love how it breaks it down to lunch and dinner.