Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you fantastic mothers! I hope you have a day filled with things you love and that you are doted on by your families. :)

I plan on sleeping in, hoping to have breakfast in bed, and then my mom and I are off to the movies and getting a pedicure.  I hope to lounge around the rest of the day reading my book and soaking up the sun!

We are having our moms over for a bbq in the evening and  my hubby promised to clean the house and do all the cooking. All in all, sounds like a great day. :)

What are your plans?!


  1. Happy Mother's Day! We are going to church and then having a big bbq lunch! YUM!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Ashley!!! Enjoy your special day!!!

  3. Have a beautiful Mother's Day Ashley xo

  4. Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day Ashley xo

  5. Sorry for 3 comments haha, first one didn't show up, hence the second. The second one prompted the third lol

  6. Happy happy Mother's Day, Ashley! I hope you enjoyed the movies and pedicures with your mom! Your hubby gets major points :) what a sweetie! I hope you're enjoying the bbq with your feet up and a cold drink in your hand, pretty mama!!
    I had mole enchiladas again the other day and thought of you :)
    Sending love and hugs