Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

 We had a really full and wonderful weekend!

Saturday morning Jaxson and I headed out for brunch with my family and did a little shopping at our local outlet mall. There is a chocolate factory there and I thought it would be fun to have Jaxson pick out a treat we could share. He stared at the caramel apples for some time before he decided on a pretzel stick dipped in caramel, swirled in chocolate and then covered with mini m&ms. I was a bit surprised by his choice but it was sooo good!!

We ended up coming home empty handed other than a few groceries for our BBQ the next day.

That evening Brandon and I headed to a local Mexican Restaurant for some dinner and alone time.

How come I never knew there were coconut margaritas?! It was so delicious and since it was happy hour it was an even better price. I almost considered having two, but I figured I better not overdo it. We had such speedy service and some time to kill so we headed to Gap to do a little shopping. I ended up with a black shirt from the clearance rack. I keep saying I need more color but I always end up with black or brown!

On Sunday a very good friend of mine came into town and we got together some of us girls from middle and high school  and had a BBQ. It was the first time all the kids were together in one spot. All 7 of them! They were all three and under also. Such fun! By this time next year there will even be two more (and no, not from me!).

The kids had such fun playing and it ended up being the perfect weather! Kudos to my husband for doing all the grilling and playing with the kids, he really is such a great daddy.


  1. I love the look of that coconut margerita!! I have never had a margerita, shame on me :(
    Glad you had a lovely weekend! And when I saw that chocolate covered pretzel stick on Instagram I was wondering what it was because it sure looked yum!!

  2. awww, it looks like a wonderful time!! glad you got to see so many friends and spend time with brandon. mmm, coconut margaritas...they are so so good. i used to waitress at a mexican restaurant. the margarita machine was very easy to get to. my friend and i would always pour the coconut flavor in a glass and steal one and share it :)
    jaxson made an awesome choice. i could so go for one of those right now!