Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm The Mom Who...........

I 'm the mom who............... let's her son fall asleep on the couch next to her every night and then carries him to his bed.

I'm the mom who......... buys her kids a cake pop at Starbucks (almost) every time I get a drink. If I am getting a treat, why can't they?

I'm the mom who......... more often than not laughs at her child when they are throwing a tantrum. I, mean, it is pretty ridiculous most of the time. Maybe not the best thing to do but generally they snap out of it pretty fast and sometimes all I can do is laugh, otherwise I would be crying!

I'm the mom who......... watches Toy Story over and over and over (along with about five other movies in the rotation).

I'm the mom who.......on occasion has let bad words slip out around my kids. I am not proud of this and do not condone it but I am human and it has happened!

I'm the mom who.......thought I would have a hard time with discipline but I am the "rule enforcer" in this house. :)

I'm the mom who...... used to be way too anal about having my house clean. Talk about unrealistic expectations! I am so much better with this one now. Although, when I think my house is messy other people look at me like I am crazy because really it's not too bad. :)

I'm the mom who..... is having the hardest time potty training my three year old!! Seriously folks, this potty training stuff is hard work!

I'm the mom who..... tries to make "dates" with each of my children a regular thing. Even if it's just going grocery shopping with each one individually.

I'm the mom who..... still checks on my kids every single night and likes to lay my hand on their chest to feel the heartbeat and the rhythm of their chests going up and down. :)

I'm the mom who...... gets really antsy sitting at home day in and day out so we try to schedule lots of activities and play dates. But, now with gas being so expensive we are going to have to scale back.

I'm the mom who..... let's the laundry pile up because there is always something much more fun to be doing.

I'm the mom who..... can't resist the dollar section at Target! I am really starting a bad habit by getting them something almost all the time. I can't help it.


  1. glad to know were both normal! well, if someone else still checks their babes breathing, and lets laundry pile up, and is some how sucked into the vortex we call target, then I feel more normal :)

  2. You're the mom who... is a wonderful mom who has beautiful children, and even though they might drive you crazy at times, they are totally amazing. A picture of you :)

  3. I'm a sucker for the dollar section too!! And buying him something everytime we go :)

  4. I am the exact same mom. I am glad I am not the only one that checks the breathing of their child and watches those rotation cartoons 16542464 times. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

  5. Love the dollar section at Target!! Have you tried the chocolates? So yummy!

  6. Love this! Good for you, not giving into your kids tantrums. It's just a phase.

  7. You could've written this whole post for me!

  8. Ditto to what Laura said!!
    You are beautiful, fun, loving, kind hearted and a blessing to your children. You love, spoil and cherish those little lovies forever Ashley, that is your job :)
    Don't worry too much about the toilet training, my eldest son was 3.5 before it finally clicked with him, first day of preschool it was too!

  9. Well it's nice to know that we have most of that list in common. Aren't those cake pops from Starbucks amazing. I get one for myself too. :)

  10. Love this!!!
    Aww you're awesome, Ashely! So sweet you get them a cake pop too and share in your treat days :)
    I loveee the dollar bins. I go straight to them as soon as I walk in.
    Its so great you make time to individually spend time with Jaxson and Kendra. You rock!