Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Menu Planning on a Tuesday!

So, in an effort to get more organized I came up with my recipe binder.
If you remember I try to come up with a two week menu plan and shop accordingly. Well, I am very good at coming up with said plan.... just not so good at the execution part!

In trying to hold myself a bit more accountable I thought I would list it all out for you, then maybe I would be more apt to stick to it. Hey, I said maybe....

Pot pie, green salad, cottage cheese and bread with butter. ( I am out of garlic bread!)

Crockpot Italian Chicken (recipe to come soon)
Asparagus and cheese crescent rolls    

Spinach and artichoke quiche with hasbrowns

Dinner at my moms
I usually do this once a week on the nights that my husband works late.

Spaghetti squash pasta primavera (this is a new one to me and my hubby suggested it so I said  he can make it!)


Baked black bean and cheese burritos with enchilada sauce and Spanish rice in celebration of Cinco De Mayo.

My easy pasta salad (recipe to come later, also) and turkey burgers.
Hoping to have a bbq if it is nice enough.

 I usually try to have one or two standby meals for the week, as well, that way if something just doesn't sound good or I am pinched for time then I have another choice.
 This week I have pesto tortellini and  veggie burgers for alternates.

I don't generally plan my breakfasts or lunch.... since it seems like we alternate between the same few things every few days. 


  1. i really need to get into meal planning. like, really bad.
    because i just end up wanting to eat out!
    x jes, www.twosmuppies.com

  2. These are great ideas for meals... I always feel like we get in a rut so keep the menus coming!

  3. Love the meny planning...I too feel like we are forever getting in a rut! Can't wait for the recipes!

  4. Spinach and artichoke quiche!? That sounds amazing! Actually, everything sounds amazing!

  5. Yea, you did your menu!! Congrats on the first step... now go execute girl! P.S. I am coming back to steal your ideas for My Menu Mondays!

  6. Yum!! I will be over on Saturday and Sunday!! ;)
    You are so organized. Right now my meal plan looks like, take-out, pasta and sauce from a jar and "babe, what are we having for dinner?!" LOL
    I admire you!

  7. I can't wait until you post some of those recipes. I hope to be able to meal plan once I am married, no longer living in two houses. It is a pain in the rear trying to figure out who's house we are going to be at for supper. Then the weekends are more chaos when there is breakfast and lunch involved. It would be easy if we lived in town but both of us live in the country.