Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 recipes I want to try this month

There are so many new recipes I want to try this month. I am challenging myself to try at least two new recipes a week....because let's face it, I will not have the time to do all ten this month. There is something about fall that always makes me want to hibernate inside and try new things. I am feeling especially domestic this year, so we will see what I can accomplish.

Top Ten Recipes I Want to Try:
1.) Corn fritters (had these at a restaurant and they were delicous; bought the ingredients yesterday so hopefully will make them this weekend)
2.) my stepfather's homemade mac n cheese. ( I have never ever made homemade mac n cheese before)
3.) chicken tortilla soup
4.) snickers apple salad ( sounds weird, I know , but it is sooo good)
5.) roasted tomato bread toss ( saw this in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens)
6.) fat-free watermelon sherbet (also in Better Homes and Gardens)
7.) Cheesecake stuffed peaches ( you may sense a theme here, but it was also in Better Homes and Gardens)
8.) Crunchy ranch chicken 
9.) crockpot sausage and sauerkraut dinner
10.) Salmon chowder

So, there it is, my top ten list. This week I hope to make the corn fritters and watermelon sorbet.
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  1. so when should I stop by to be your taste-tester?? they all sound SO yummy!! Would you share your recipe for Corn Fritters??

  2. just thinking about corn fritters makes my mouth water.

  3. Tag along thursday!!! (New follower!!)
    These all look great!! I might have to try them out too!!!