Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Ten

So, I can not seem to get my creative juices flowing today. I kept thinking about what ten things could I write about that would be really interesting and engaging..........I have got nothing!

So, I will leave you with this:

TEN FOODS I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT( well, I can , but I hope I don't have to :) )

  1.  Chips and salsa ; the spicier the better!
  2.  My home made green bean casserole (it is not just a holiday food around these parts)
  3.  Olive Garden's salad !
  4. Cherry cheesecake
  5. Steak (medium rare) with sauteed mushrooms and olives with A1
  6. Twice baked potatoes
  7. Caprese salad
  8. A big juicy hamburger
  9. Scrambled eggs with buffalo sauce
  10. Hot wings with blue cheese dressing for dipping

So, I could come up with ALOT more, which is a bit concerning, but now I am super hungry.
Off to make some lunch!
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  1. LOVE that chips and Salsa are number one on your list! That would be number one on mine too ;)

  2. Mmmm...I love all of those! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back :)


  3. omg!!!!! we are so much alike!! I would pretty much state every single one of those minus the mushrooms on the steak. BLEH! haha! thanks for your sweet comment on my post today! xoxo

  4. YUMMM!! Now I am hungry! Nom..nom

  5. hi ashley! thanks so much for stopping by! love your blog! you have a beautiful family! i had to laugh! your favorites are pretty much mine!! chips n salsa are SO amazing :) and olive garden salad...there is something so addicting in their dressing...was just there the other day :)
    wishign you a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Ashley great to meet you! Returning the follow from the weekend hop - thanks for joining my blog, I love new followers! i love this post - now you have made me hungry too but its late so bed for me! All I have to ask is what is A1? Chat soon :) cheers Fiona