Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our new addition and giveaway reminder!

First of all, just a reminder that if you haven't already done so, be sure to enter my double giveaway. It ends tomorrow night. Click here to do so!

 For a while now, I have been telling Jaxson that he could get a fish. I wanted something that could possibly teach him a bit about responsibility and care-giving at his young age. I realize that at 2 1/2 that it is a big concept. I want him to be involved with the feedings and cleanings of the bowl. Since this is his pet, he will need to learn to take care of him.
Sunday afternoon, after a yummy breakfast out, we headed over to our local PetSmart and he picked out ( he may have had a little bit of help in his choice) a beautiful blue Betta. His original choice was a rather large goldfish that I was told would outgrow the bowl I had chosen in a month! A month! I thought goldfish stayed small. Anyways, Betta are a great choice because they thrive in small environments!
When we got him home and placed him in his new home Jaxson decided on the name "super fish".
here he is!
 Please welcome him to our little family. :)

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